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We're sisters.  We're college graduates.  We've worked in government service, private industry, non-profits, entrepreneurial start-ups food service and retail.  We are combining our professional and personal experiences in party planning, weddings, theme celebrations, corporate meetings, workshops, training sessions and photography to deliver unprecedented experiences for your affair at Smith Mountain Lake.  We will work tirelessly to insure that your first event will be just the beginning of a long-standing relationship that will keep you coming back again and again.

Felecia recently re-discovered a lost passion when photographing for a local newspaper and also weddings for friends and family.  Decades of personal  theme event plannings,  photo taking and scrapping developed unrealized skillsets born out of the labors of love. "Hmmmm.  At this stage of my life, I want to earn money doing the things I love!  Wow! That's another thing I share in common with my sister.  She's partnered with and thrown parties for me for nearly half a century! 

Donna has just taken a leap of faith to bid farewell to a lifetime in  the DC Metro suburbia. Years of vacationing and visiting the lake have wooed her just five years after her kid sister's escape.  A lifetime of professional appointments in virtually every business sector that new neighbor now has a sense of "lake effects" in this more rural life in a faith-filled community of hard-working and unpretentious Americans. A wizard at forming business protocols and how-to's, Donna works to create solid business practices built on integrity, thorough and humble service no matter where she is employed.

From one long-standing appointment through three presidential administrations residing at Pennsylvania Avenue to serving as an Association Executive Director, Donna has over 12 years experience planning meetings for up to 1,000 members in venues across the country. For each event, Donna was the "go to person" overseeing every detail from registration and sponsorship to rooms, speakers, meals and social outings.  She is a master of guest-list management.